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"This is an amazing book for MANY reasons but 2 big reasons come to mind as I finished it...

1. Richelle is already a successful entrepreneur (many times actually) and she speaks from real world experience, not theory. This alone separates the book from most 'how to' books. And, not only has she been successful, she's done it as a minority in highly competitive niches.

2. The book is SUPER detailed in exactly what you need to do to become successful in business.  Specifically I got a lot out of her customer reactivation ideas and I love how she openly shares without holding the good stuff "behind the curtain".

If you're a small business owner aspiring to get to a million dollars or you want to start up your own company, you would be hard-pressed to find a better place to spend your time than reading and absorbing what she reveals in this valuable guide.  Henry Evans "The Hour A Day Entrepreneur"  
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  • • The accelerators to ignite your business - 3 ways to grow faster than ever
  • • This book - will help you get more customers 
  • • Scheduling your success - constructing your MDE Plan
  • • The 4Core Fundamentals of The Million Dollar Equation
  • • Expert case studies of our MDE The Agency clients – 
  • • Understanding the most important link between your Great Solution and the easiest target market 
  • • 5 (five) Keys to find the best target market
  • • 7 Step process to double your business with referrals
  • • Details the best strategies for building a million dollar business
  • • Follow these 17 MDE Rules for growing the fastest
  • • Debunks the myths of entrepreneurship no one has to grow slow
  • • How MDE- The Agency, uses the Million Dollar Equation to explode profits
  • • The #1 design flaw of your business impeding growth
  • • How to make going it alone worth it – while maximizing your time
  • • The FIRST THING I tell all of my brand new private MDE The Agency clients to get them generating instant profits while seeing less patients
  • • The 5 major OLD MEDIA tools that have made generating customers online easier, faster and better than before
  • • My secret 4CORE formula that built a OB/GYN practice - Your business has got to be easier than selling a pap-smear
  • •The exact way that one of the readers grew from $80,000 per year to $1.6 million in less than 3 years
  • • How to run your business automatically and predicting exactly how much you’ll earn daily
  • • Getting your employees to buy into the MDE Action Plan
  • • Example MDE Action Plans from our MDE The Agency clients
  • • The surprisingly small difference between the customers you want  vs. the customers you have
  • • Why social media is not really as big of a problem as you think it is
  • • How to dominate social media
  • • My favorite media for ANY business
  • • How to bullet proof your business from the NEXT “too good to be true” advertising opportunities
  • • An easy grading tool to determine if you should buy advertising again or run away from it as fast as you can
  • • This book takes care of ending your late night questions and brainstorming sessions wondering What Next
  • • Stuck for ideas? Check out the 87 ways to get unstuck, endless What Nexts to attract your ideal customer
  • • We’re opening up our MDE The Agency playbook showing you all of our agency tricks, tactics and tools

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That's just the first 117 pages.  You'll get everything you need.  This book is changing the way businesses are built...
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There is no additional obligation, you get to have in your hands the actual step by step guide to building a million dollar business. We found that the entrepreneurs who read and implemented the strategies in the book -  experienced phenomenal results.  You can see their videos along the side of this page.

I chronicle the exact steps I used to build my telephone company, but they are also the tactics I have used coaching over 12,000+ small businesses over the last 7 years in more than 97 industries.   

But just in case you HATE the book - and don't think that it will help your business at all - see our guarantee below.  Yep, I'm even guaranteeing $7.95 ... 
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